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Many e-commerce sellers are frustrated with the time and effort it takes to perform proper financial, inventory and profitability analytics for business.

Entriwise was founded in 2016 to dramatically reduce this burden.

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Entriwise, established in 2016, began as a software for integrating accounting and inventory management between Amazon Seller Central and QuickBooks Desktop. It has since evolved to automate accounting, inventory, and order management across various platforms including Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, and eBay, integrating with NetSuite, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, and QuickBooks Online.

For Amazon Seller Central users, Entriwise also offers product profitability analytics, factoring in actual FIFO COGS, Amazon fees paid, and per-product advertising costs.

Entriwise is a bootstraped company with no outside investment. This allows us to remain lean, responsive, and driven by the pain points of our clients. Our philosopy is 'client success first, profits later'.

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