Shopify Integration for NetSuite

Entriwise enables realtime order management, financial accounting, and inventory sync for Shopify in NetSuite. Shopify order management is implemented using standard NetSuite workflow: 'sales order' > 'customer deposit' > 'item fulfillment' > 'invoice' > 'customer deposit application'. Periodic imports of Shopify Payments payouts add to NetSuite all order related fees, refunds, debits, credits, and other transactions for fully automatic reconciliation, leaving nothing for manual entry.

NetSuite versions:
all versions worldwide
Shopify stores:

Order management Realtime order flow

Enable realtime order flow from Shopify to NetSuite. When an order is placed in Shopify, a sales order and a customer deposit are automatically created in NetSuite. Once item fulfillment is created in NetSuite, shipping information is propagated to Shopify. To complete the workflow, the order is invoiced in NetSuite and customer deposit is applied to the invoice.

  • Realtime Shopify order flow to NetSuite
  • Full NetSuite document workflow supported
  • No manual entries required
Available in plans: Enterprise

Item mapping Itemized mapping to record all income and expenses

Handle all expenses associated with Shopify orders and refunds, including commissions, refund & return fees. Process non-order fees and charges, such as storage & fulfillment fees, advertising charges and chargebacks, reimbursements, balance adjustments, etc.

  • Fully itemized imports
  • Grouping by day
  • Daily or hourly scheduling
Available in plans: Enterprise

Advanced tracking Advanced accounting with classes

Use advanced features of NetSuite such as classes to classify Shopify sales.

  • Income and expense tracking by class
  • Tracking by marketplace / country and fulfillment method
  • Per document classes and locations, per line classes
Available in plans: Enterprise

Inventory mapping Mapping Shopify SKUs to inventory products to enable inventory tracking

Map every product / SKU sold on Shopify to inventory items in NetSuite to see quantity sold and refunded and corresponding COGS

  • Auto-mapping by SKU
  • Mapping by CSV file upload
  • Manual mapping using Web UI
Available in plans: Enterprise

Advanced inventory Assemblies, bundles, many-to-1 mapping for advanced inventory integration

Use many-to-1 mapping, mapping to NetSuite inventory assemblies and creation of complex bundles.

  • Many-to-1 mapping to NetSuite inventory products
  • Mapping to NetSuite inventory assemblies
  • Complex bundles with price allocation rules
Available in plans: Enterprise

Inventory sites Inventory sites for precise inventory tracking

Benefit from support for NetSuite Advanced Inventory using separate inventory sites for different fulfillment methods and marketplace / countries.

  • Inventory sites per fulfillment method
  • Inventory sites per Shopify marketplace / country
  • Product specific inventory sites
Available in plans: Enterprise

Your numbers will be reconciled to the penny!

Our unique automatic reconciliation algorithm guarantees 100% correct imports. Whether you process 1,000 or 1,000,000 orders per month, Entriwise imports will reconcile to the penny.

Entriwise app screenshot

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