Automated accounting for Amazon sales and refunds

Sales and Refunds

Import Amazon orders and refunds using accrual accounting method to ensure that imported transactions correspond to Amazon Statements

  • Sales Records: record all important data, such as date, Amazon order ID, name, quantity and price of products sold, rebates, charges, etc
  • Amazon Orders: import shipped Amazon orders (FBA, non-FBA / FBM) as relevant sales documents into your accounting software to record each sale
  • Order Refund: import refunded Amazon orders as relevant accounting documents to properly account for each refund
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QuickBooks accounting for Amazon inventory

Inventory management

Map and manage your Amazon inventory SKU as QuickBooks non-inventory or inventory items to see per-SKU profitability

  • Non-Inventory Items: use QuickBooks non-inventory items if you do not keep products in stock when you make them on demand or use dropshipping
  • Inventory Items: use QuickBooks inventory items to track quantity on hand, current inventory value and the average cost of your inventory a specific point in time.
  • Product Mapping: choose from auto-mapping, manual mapping using Web UI or CSV file upload to map Amazon SKUs to QuickBooks inventory items
  • Inventory Adjustments: record inventory adjustments in the event of FBA Inventory Reimbursement for lost or damaged inventory
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QuickBooks accounting for Amazon order fees

Order and Refund Fees

Account for expenses associated with Amazon order and refund fees to see your preliminary Amazon net income

  • Order Fees: Amazon order fees charged for each Amazon order, including Referral Fee on Item Price, FBA fulfillment fees, shipping chargebacks, etc
  • Refund Fees: fees, refunded and charged, associated with each Amazon refund, including refunded Amazon order fees, FBA refund and return fees, etc
  • Advertising Fees: Amazon Sponsored Products advertising charges and credits
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QuickBooks accounting for Amazon other transactions

Other transactions

Account for the remaining Amazon transactions to see your final Amazon net income and statement balance

  • Product Preparation & Shipping Fees: Amazon partnered carrier and inventory placement service fees, including shipping services purchased from Amazon
  • Inventory Storage & Removal Fees: storage, return and disposal fees charged by Amazon for storing, managing and removing your inventory
  • Other Charges and Credits: FBA inventory reimbursements, balance adjustments, etc