Financial accounting integration

Financial Basic

essential accounting integration without inventory

$ 24 /mo
$290 billed yearly
Data Volume
Monthly transactions
Connection Points
E‑commerce channels
Sales region


Financial Lite

advanced accounting integration without inventory

$ 46 /mo
$550 billed yearly
Data Volume
Monthly transactions
Connection Points
E‑commerce channels
Sales region
Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify
Online / Desktop / Enterprise


Financial & Inventory

accounting integration for inventory

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Basic from $24/moLite from $46/mo
E-commerce channel
Amazon (all regions)
eBay (US)
Walmart (US)
Shopify (all regions)
Accounting software
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Enterprise
Import details
Summarized by Statement
Daily summarized (optional)
by individual transaction
Import automation
Manually initiated imports
Scheduled imports
Import frequency
Per statement
Daily imports
QuickBooks Import result
Documents summarized by Statement
Documents summarized by day (optional)
Individual documents
Import records
Sales order ID number
Individual sales / refund data
Sales related fees
Sales related fees
QuickBooks features support
Classes by fulfillment method
Classes by marketplace
Locations by fulfillment method
Locations by marketplace
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Things you may want to know

Free trial & free subscription

How can I try Entriwise?
When you sign in to Entriwise and try to import for the first time, you we will asked to select a month for free trial. Free trial is available for any plan. Free trial allows you to import unlimited number of Amazon, Shopify, eBay and Walmart transactions from one calendar month of your choice. No payment details required.
Can I start using Entriwise for free?
Entriwise has a special offer for sellers with low sales volume. If your monthly e-commerce revenue is below $1000 you qualify for free Entriwise subscription to any plan. Contact us to activate free subscription.

Transactions & volumes

What counts as a single transaction for Entriwise billing purposes?
One or more e-commerce transactions with a unique transaction ID. For example, an Amazon order and its corresponding refund constitute one Entriwise transaction for billing purposes, since they share the same Amazon transaction ID.
What plan should I choose for 1100 Amazon orders per month if I want to track products.
Choose the Pro plan with up to 2000 transaction per month. The plan allows to import all types of Amazon transactions. To track sales of individual Amazon SKUs, each SKU maps to a separate corresponding QuickBooks product.

Historical data

How do I import historical transactions from the previous quarter or even year?
To import historical transactions, you must purchase a historical plan for each historical month that you want to import. Historical plan pricing is the same as pricing for regular plans. You can import e-commerce transactions from any historical period.

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